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Medical Emergency Reporting Service for Free for expats in Mexico

911Mex is a free service for English speaking expats and tourists living or travelling in Mexico. 

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Who is 911MEX?

911Mex is a free service for  fellow Expats and tourists to report medical emergencies.

No registration needed. No email required. Just a simply and easy 911 button to call anytime for a medical emergency

Mexico is a wonderful and vibrant country and living or travelling abroad in Mexico is truly magnificent

Unfortunately, many of our Expats have not been able to break the language barrier. 

Imagine being in a life threatening emergency situation, and trying to speak to 911 in Mexico. 

Would you feel comfortable explaining all of your signs and symptoms in an emergency to someone who does not not speak English? 

After speaking to many of our fellow Americans and Canadians we realized that a service like this was 100% necessary. 

So we decided to create 911Mex. We are here to help you free of charge. 

When you report your medical emergency by clicking here you will always get a 100% fluent English speaking operator.  Our operators are 100% fluent in Spanish as well and so we will ensure that all details are reported properly on your behalf. We will call an ambulance and hospital or urgent care center and manage your emergency from start to finish for you


We incorporated GPS features so that we know exactly where you are located.

You must have mobile data on your phone in order for GPS to work. 

Most area of Mexico have mobile dat

You can push a button to report a medical emergency 

When your emergency is reported to us, we will see your location and send help immediately. We will be in touch with you the entire time.